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Welcome to Sussex Tuition Centre

Sarah and Carol – founders

We created Sussex Tuition Centre as a one-stop shop for all your tutoring needs. We both have experience overseas in Asia and the Middle East where there is more of a culture of getting supportive tuition in a centre. We have seen first-hand how targeted tuition increased our children’s confidence and competence in a subject. That extra push can give students the confidence which is vital to thrive in a subject.

When we both moved into Sussex, we heard about how difficult it was to find reliable tutors and how other parents we met relied on word-of-mouth but were concerned about leaving their children with strangers who may have no official certification.

We have used our combined experiences to create our concept of a centre to meet all tutoring needs: Sarah has had over 25 years experience in education in the UK and overseas and Carol has had extensive financial and business experience combined with lecturing experience.

We hope we have come up with a successful formula that will meet the needs of families in Sussex and beyond.

Sarah Lawrance

How can Sussex Tuition Centre help students?

  • We believe that targeted help by tutors enables children to gain confidence and enable them to make better progress and succeed at school
  • We advocate individualised attention either in a small group setting or one-to-one with tutors who adapt their teaching style to suit how each individual student learns. Some students are more at ease in a small group setting of their peers and some prefer lessons on an individual basis with a tutor.
Why Choose us?

When is it best to have recourse to tutoring?

  • to provide ongoing support when more confidence is needed in a certain subject
  • to prepare for exams by helping with exam technique and learning strategies
  • to prepare for academic entrance exams and scholarships

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